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Under the radar midfielder signs with Spurs?

We've got to go deeper, Paul. BRAAAAAAAM

Mathias Kniepeiss/Getty Images

Not too long ago, the writers were discussing how troubling it was that Spurs were not being linked to midfielders. We started worrying that we going to run that same pourous midfield out there again next season. Well, this week seemed to have cured us of those worries. We've been linked to every midfielder under the sun, but today, one of the most solid links between Spurs and a new midfielder has emerged from a very strange place.

According to the Polish media, Tottenham has signed 20 year old Lech Poznan midfielder Karol Linetty. At first blush this seems like a weird transfer for Spurs. After all, he's a very young player who has only played professional football in Poland. However, the more you look at it the more it makes sense. Linetty is a central midfielder/defensive midfielder, the Polish certainly seem to think he's a star, and if these reports are correct, he should only cost about 4 million euros (or at least I think its euros). And on top of all that, transfermarkt says his contract is up after next season, so Lech Poznan probably need to cash in this summer.

Taking a chance on an up and coming midfield dynamo makes sense, particularly with Paul Mitchell in charge. This feels like exactly the kind of young, obscure foreign player that Soton would buy out of nowhere. Its a young player with plenty of upside who doesn't cost that much. Best of all, he's young enough that if we were to manage to purchase a Schneiderlin, or a Schneiderlin like substance, for our midfield, Linetty wouldn't block them.

If this turns out to be accurate, then I think Linetty and Wimmer show that we really are taking a different approach to player acquisition under this new regime.

Now, I will leave you of a youtube highlight video of Linetty set to some terrible europop so we can all pretend we actually know something about this kid.