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Spurs stopper's big-money move depends on De Gea

Hugo Lloris has stopped short of saying that he WON'T leave Tottenham, and things remain contingent on David De Gea first leaving United.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

The Hugo Lloris summer transfer saga continues to heat up after the French goalkeeper was repeatedly asked this weekend about whether he would move to Manchester United. Lloris continued to be coy about his future at Tottenham HotspurIn an interview with Sky Sports after the France-Belgium friendly, he said the following:

"I think every player wants to play in [the Champions League] because it's at a high level. We work every day for that and I hope to get a chance in my career to play in the Champions League.

At the moment David De Gea is still the goalkeeper for Manchester United, and so I have no reason to speak about that."

This echoes earlier quotes from Lloris about the De Gea situation from Friday, as reported in the Standard:

"You're getting ahead of yourselves. For the moment there is a keeper in place at Manchester United. Keep a cool head over it."

Not exactly a straight denial, is it? While we're all trying to "keep a cool head," Lloris is doing the smart thing and being especially coy over any perceived links to United. This basically confirms our earlier assertion that Hugo probably would want to move to a Champions League club, but is going to be professional and not a jerk about it. And now, amidst an unconfirmed Goal story this morning that suggests that David De Gea has told Manchester United that he wants to leave for Real Madrid, it's possible that the first domino has toppled in this summer's goalkeeping transfer chain.

I still maintain that it would take a stupid money move to get Daniel Levy to sell Hugo to United, but we also know that United is capable of stupid money moves. If you aren't already, it might be time to start getting worried.