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Harry Redknapp has joined Twitter and is already a banter pro

And with that, social media will never be the same again. Harry Redknapp has joined Twitter. It's not a bot or a parody account. It's the real deal. See:


After his initial introductory tweet, 'Arry wasted no time in starting with the jokes:

Back in 1996, Redknapp famously put a West Ham United supporter in his place when the supporter claimed Frank Lampard wasn't good enough. The supporter had asked Redknapp if he thought the publicity he was giving an 18-year-old Lampard was smart considering several midfielders he'd let go were better. Harry responded with a famous rant on how Lampard was miles better than both players that had been released and that he'd become a top class midfield player. Despite Harry being the uncle of young Frank, it's obvious the wise veteran knew what he was talking about.

It's safe to say Harry had the last laugh, and now he finally has a platform for us to hear him and his brilliance.