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Harry Redknapp hit by Glenn Hoddle's golf ball in new YouTube video

"No wonder he can't get a membership."

Harry Redknapp has been on Twitter for less than a day and already he's one of the best things to happen to soccer social media. He may not be directly connected to Tottenham Hotspur anymore, but he's always good for a laugh. And the best thing is, he's not afraid to poke a little fun at himself too, as seen in this new video from Kicca below, which features a cameo from Spurs legend Glenn Hoddle.

This video is a parody of the now infamous video that made the rounds in the mid 1990s of Redknapp getting hit by a football in training while he was managing Portsmouth. The original video is a scream and resulted in two phrases that have now been canonized in Redknapp lore: "Get some f***in' brains in ya!" and "No wonder he's in the f****n' reserves."

In a 2003 interview with FourFourTwo, Redknapp was asked about the original incident and declined to name the player who nailed him with the ball.

[Laughing] I can't, I just can't. I mustn't tell you the name of the player. It wouldn't be fair. He may have to spend the rest of his life here and the whole of Portsmouth would be at him forever. He's a young player, about 19, 20, and a defender, but I can't tell you anything else. He was on shooting practice and I was standing at the corner flag when the ball hit me - that tells you everything.

This is an amazingly strong start from Harry in the social media game. Two shots, and he's scored two goals. I'm now eagerly awaiting Redknapp's first butt-tweet.