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Women's World Cup Day 3: teams, schedule, how to watch online

Women's World Cup 2015 continues!

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Happy Monday, football fans! Today is Day 3 of the Women's World Cup in Canada, and it's a big one if you're a USA supporter. The Americans kick off their World Cup campaign with a match against Australia this evening.

This isn't Tottenham Hotspur related at all, but we're all football fans at heart, and it's nice to have a place to talk about these matches, so this is your open thread for this afternoon and evening's games. If you want to hang out with fellow American supporters during the match, be sure and check out Stars and Stripes FC and hang out in their match thread.

World Cup Day 3 Schedule

Sweden v. Nigeria (4 pm ET)

Cameroon v. Ecuador (7 pm ET)

USA v. Australia (7:30 pm ET)

Japan v. Switzerland (10 pm ET)

How to Watch

TV: Matches are on the FOX network in the USA, so try FOX, Fox Sports 1, or Fox Sports 2. The USA match is on Fox Sports 1 for reasons that are beyond me.

Streaming: Fox Soccer Go (USA) if you have a cable package that includes Fox Sports 1. You can also try Fox Soccer 2GO (paid) if not.