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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 9, 2015

News and links for your Tuesday.

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Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday Spursland! Harry Redknapp has joined twitter, my new life's goal? Make Harry Redknapp aware of how much he has personally meant to me in terms of filling the content hole that is the Hoddle of Coffee on slow summer days. He has been the angel that brought light to my darkness so many times, who could brighten my day simply by rolling down his car window.  I need him to know what he has meant to me.  So if maybe you guys want to let him know, by tweeting @redknapp that would be cool

And now the "news"

Sol Campbell To Stand For London Mayor-Guardian

At first glance I found this to be ridiculous and outlandish.  Then I remembered I come from a country that elected a former pro wrestler 9/11 conspiracy theorist as Governor of a major state, a SNL featured player (NOT EVEN A FULL CAST MEMBER) to the senate, and a toothless, mediocre at best soldier as our first president.  So I guess London could do worse? [Editor's note: *cough* politics]

Spurs, Chelsea To Sabotage Transfer Of Toby Whose Name is All Vowels To Southampton-Telegraph

Seriously that is to many vowels, like leave some for the rest of us right gang?

Rapinoe Leads The USWNT To Victory-SB Nation Soccer

Megan Rapinoe is the most underrated player in the history of me watching the USWNT soccer team, so like 8 years.  She rules all, she is better that Beyonce, Sasha Banks, and Cersi Lannister.

The FIFA Movie Opens To Receipts 319 Dollars-SB Nation Soccer

It's cool, I hear they made $10 million at a "special screening" in South Africa some years back.

Pocket Sized Super Athletic Internet Fantasy Returns To American Ninja Warrior-SB Nation Look It

Just to show proof that the cheerleader made it out of my basement safe and sound having finally found that book she went down there looking for.