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How Daniel Levy screwed Liverpool out of £6m

Liverpool will still get their man, but thanks to a cheeky bid for Danny Ings from Spurs, they'll have to pay a lot more to get him.

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Burnley striker Danny Ings is set to snub Tottenham Hotspur for a move to Liverpool, but thanks to Daniel Levy, Liverpool is going to have to pay quite a bit more money than they initially thought. Spurs are thought to have had a £12m bid accepted by Burnley, and even though Ings has agreed to a Merseyside switch Liverpool will now likely have to pay a much larger tribunal fee for Ings' services.

Ings' Burnley contract is set to expire at the end of this season, but thanks to the rules governing the transfer of young players under 24 who are out of contract, Burnley is eligible to receive a fee from whatever club signs him via a tribunal held by the Professional Football Compensation Committee. Burnley reportedly turned down a Liverpool low-ball bid, and thanks to Spurs' cheeky bid being accepted, Burnley can cite the accepted bid as evidence to in the tribunal to justify a larger compensation from Liverpool. This is despite Spurs knowing full well that Ings had no intention of coming to White Hart Lane (though they most assuredly were interested in signing him).

Liverpool was hoping the tribunal fee would be stupidly low, but now it's thought the final number could be north of £8m. The record tribunal fee is currently £6.5m, which Chelsea paid to Manchester City in 2010 for Daniel Sturridge.

So, to summarize: Danny Ings is going to Liverpool, but instead of throwing up their hands, Spurs decided to f**k with the Reds by making them have to pay substantially more than they would've had to otherwise. Burnley, meanwhile, is probably delighted as they will get more tribunal money for their star player who was out of contract anyway.

This is a perfect example of Daniel Levy being a petty, amazing, glorious, colossal d**k. Isn't it wonderful?