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Potential Hugo Lloris replacement wants to play in London

Could Petr Cech be between the sticks for Tottenham next season? It's a non-zero percent possibility.

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Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Lost amidst all the kerfluffle over David De Gea, Hugo Lloris, and summer goalkeeping transfers is Chelsea keeper Petr Cech, who is certain to leave Chelsea this summer and will be at a new club when the new season kicks off. And now the Telegraph is reporting that Cech is set to meet with Chelsea officials about his future, and that he would like to continue to play football in London.

With Thibaut Courtois firmly established at Chelsea, Cech has been told that he can leave the league champions and finish out his career elsewhere. Cech is still an amazing goalkeeper; the only reason that he's leaving Chelsea at all is that he's run into one of the very few keepers in the world that is both younger and better than he. At 33, Cech still has a number of good years in the tank before he hangs up his boots. While Cech said that he'd consider a move to the continent, his first choice is to stay in London.

"I will decide based on what for me and my family was the best and it does not matter whether it is England, Germany, France and Spain.

Next week we will have a meeting with Chelsea when the situation is clearer and all the cards are on the table. If I move, it brings difficulties. I must change everything, looking for housing, a school for children and so on."

That would put Arsenal and Tottenham in the pole position to land Cech. It's not out of the realm of possibility, however, that Arsene Wenger will continue to be Arsene Wenger and stick with Wojciech Szczesny and David Ospina, or that he could be lured into purchasing Iker Casillas, who is almost certainly going to leave Real Madrid this summer. If that's the case, Cech could fall right into Tottenham's lap.

So picture this: David De Gea transfers to Real Madrid, Spurs end up selling Lloris to United for around £30-35m, and Spurs sign a surplus-to-requirements Petr Cech for around £10m. Cech's wages are thought to be around £100k/week, which is high but not absurd. Spurs would lose Hugo but gain an experienced keeper who was once best in the world and is still probably as good as Hugo is now, for a profit of around £20m. Doesn't that sound like a Daniel Levy Special™?

There's also the non-zero percent chance that United could be put off by the prospects of a big-money bid for Lloris and could opt for Casillas instead, which means that Hugo could stay, everyone gets the goalkeeper they want, and everything is awesome.

Petr Cech is the wild card in this summer's goalkeeping sweepstakes, and while it's not clear whether he'd be willing to come to Tottenham Hotspur, the idea of the Helmeted One between the sticks at White Hart Lane makes the prospect of losing Lloris a little less painful.