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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links July 1, 2015

It's a Hump Day Hoddle.

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday Spursland! I am writing this before the conclusion of the USWNT match so lets call this a choose your own adventure hoddle today.

Option1: Huzzah we are in the finals and Megan Rapinoe did some inevitable Rapinoe things.  This was of course the only logical outcome as she is perfection personified and our dear ladies cannot fail to win this thing if Megan plays.

Option 2: for some reason Megan Rapinoe stayed on the bench because this world is stupid and another World Cup passes without The US women bringing it home.

And now the "news"

Adebayor To Aston Villa Rumors Resurface-Guardian

I think if he stays in the country this is the most obvious choice for him.  Career wise, personally.  I mean it makes sense, he likes TIm Sherwood and it's still far away from his family.

Harry Kane And His Girlfriend Are Living A Romantic Comedy-The Sport Review

But like just the first act, not the dark second act where whatever bet the dude made with his pals is exposed but before the big emotional speech that would never world in real life.

Leicester Finally Fire Nigel Pearson-SB Nation Soccer

OK Allow me to briefly offer a defense of this man, just for fun.

1.  Telling a fan to "F___ off and die"-  The amount of people I want to tell that to on a daily basis just for existing (for example the owner of the @buttondownandy twitter account) means I cannot fault a guy for losing his cool once.

2.  Putting his hands around the throat of James McCaurther- In Nigel's defense James has a very chokeable neck.

3.  Calling a journalist an ostrich- Dude I am kidding really I am with all the rest of these except this one. If you get heated with someone and they call you an ostrich and that effects you in any way other than laughing at that loser who can't come up with a better slam, then you might need to go back to preschool and learn some valuable lessons about thin skin.  And maybe get bullied a bit.  I find that helps with early childhood development of an ability to not disintegrate like tissue paper in the face of words.

4.  His son got caught saying racial slurs to a hooker in a group sex tape - Well lets not fire the father for the son's actions, he is a legal adult.  Also in the grand scheme of things saying not nice words to a prostitute is probably the nicest part of her day.

Real Salt Lake Score Nice Little Set Piece-SB Nation Soccer

I had to check to make sure this wasn't against the Union, if it was then it's more predictable than impressive.

Maillot Jaune: Battle Royal Is Coming To Le Tour-Podium Cafe

If you aren't excited then you hate racing sports.  Take that little shot to your pride NASCAR dads.