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Spurs earn £1m from transfer of former player to Roma

Spurs just doubled their money on a dude who only played five league minutes for the club.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur are set to collect an unexpected windfall of £1.07m from the sale of one of its former players thanks to a sell-on clause in his contract. Iago Falque is set to complete a transfer from Genoa to Roma for £7.1m this summer, one year after Spurs sold him to the Italy.

Remember Falque? A graduate of Barcelona's La Masia academy, he was snatched up on loan after a disappointing stint at Juventus, and later signed for a total of £1m. Unfortunately, he didn't have a big impact at Spurs either, making only one league appearance, a five minute stint as a substitute for Jermain Defoe at the end of a 2-1 loss to Stoke in 2011.

Spurs offloaded him to Genoa last summer for £1.28m, a nice profit for a player that essentially disappointed and had no future at the club. Falque subsequently went on on a tear in Serie A, scoring 13 goals and earning five assists last season for Genoa, good enough to earn him a transfer to Roma. Since his transfer to Genoa included a 15% sell-on clause, Falque's transfer means that Spurs will have more than doubled their money for a player who never really had a future at Tottenham.

You can argue about whether or not Spurs "broke" Falque during his time at White Hart Lane or whether he should've been given a chance to play more often, but this should be another piece of evidence that Daniel Levy truly is a genius when it comes to transfer negotiations and squeezing every drop of money out of his players as he possibly can.