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Friday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for July 10, 2015

Time to wrap up the work week.

Pete Norton/Getty Images

Happy Friday, Spursland!  It's been a fun one, considering that this might be the most active the club has ever been this early in a transfer window.  Once again, you get to read my notes while Salmon Chase is MIA.  He should be back Monday, but you never know.

Toby seems to be getting acclimated quickly and appears to be very excited in getting started with the club.  The question, though, is whether or not we're done buying Belgians?  Carrasco is still out there.  We were linked to Mirallas just a couple of weeks ago.  Perhaps we're seeing a trend.  Either way, it's exciting times for Spurs as the business done so far in this window has been solid.  Now let's shore up the midfield, get a striker to spell Harry, and things will be ready for the new season.

And now the "news"

Bob Bradley front runner for Leicester City job? - ESPN FC

I didn't dislike him when he was running the USMNT. That would be a great move for him.

Tottenham NFL promotion not well received by fans - Sporting News

Must have been a slow news day for Sporting News.

Spurs fans lobby FA's Dyke - Football 365

It's going to be fun watching this unfold with Chelsea needing somewhere to play at the same time.

KFC Has Created A Pizza With A Fried Chicken Crust - Uproxx

Bless you, KFC. In a world where we have fast food places that get ridiculed for not trying to be healthier, you spit in the face of those critics.