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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links July 13, 2015

The Fish is back!

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Happy Monday Spursland! Oh. cue up the music, someone give the guy from Tears for Fears a mic because hey now heeeeeeeeyyyy nooow don't dream It's over! Our quest for Schneidelvixen is  done and dusted and he is joining Man United alongside the child of every 80s action movie villain.  United just upped their game big time so now we have to um, do something that improves us but will in all likelihood just have us keeping pace with other teams and not moving forward.  Happy days are here again.

And now the "news"

Spurs Fans Lobby For Wembley During Stadium Construction-Sky Sports

Lobbying? Who do these guys think they are? Like politics people or something ( #nopoliticalstamentesinthehoddle)

Spurs Past And present At Ledley's Wedding-Mirror

BREAKING: Jenas is alive.

A Tribute To Casillas-Managing Madrid

Happy trails to the legend. Not all players get to end up like Gerrard, i.e. give deference for years despite clear decline then a grand send off to a last hurrah ruining an MLS team's already good midfield.  It's a hard knock life for players who get paid millions to play a funny fun game and get showered with love from fans and pretty pretty people that want to go on dates with them.  Boy that took a turn at the end their didn't it?

FIFA Ban Chuck Blazer For Life-AP

Presumably for his bad George R.R. Martin cosplay.

Rapinoe Throws Out First Pitch At Mariners Game-SB Nation Soccer

Did she mess up throwing it in that time honored tradition of non-baseball players? NO of course not, for she is Rapinoe and she can do no wrong.  NO, person in the comments with your "um actually all humans are fallible and blah blah blabbity, shut your dumb mouth. She is perfect and I will hear none of your blathering.

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