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European giant in for wantaway Spurs star

PSG sniffing around magic

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Spurs didn't play French midfielder Benjamin Stambouli much last year, but he has managed some impressive feats this offseason. First, despite very little playing time in England, he seemed to manage to escape his magician's trunk and arrange a move to Watford alongside fellow Gallic want-away Etienne Capoue. Now it would seem his next trick is even more impressive. Is that a quarter behind his ear? No! According to the Watford Observer, it's a loan move to PSG!

This last minute move raises several interesting questions. Stambouli has repeatedly insisted he did not want to return to France. So what changed his mind? Was it the chance to win trophies with the French champion? Was it potential Champions League football? Was it PSG's Scrooge McDuck-esque vault of money? Or was it the look on Zlatan's face when he thought Benji had detached his thumb from his hand?

Stambouli has seemed reluctant to leave Spurs this offseason, but Tottenham seem pretty intent on shifting their deadwood this summer. While Benji hardly seems to have poisoned the well in the way that Kaboul and Ade did, he also doesn't seem to factor much in Pochettino's plans. Maybe Spurs can still get Rabiot in a swap?

More playing time certainly seems to be available at Watford, but let us not discount the once in a lifetime opportunity that he will have at PSG. In Champions League games, watched by millions of people, he will be able to show the world how a man can disappear on a bench, right before their very eyes.