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Hugo Lloris breaks his wrist. Manchester United move off?

And yet it's not all bad!

Okay, so there's bad news and there's good news. First the bad news: Tottenham Hotspur announced today that starting goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has broken his wrist.

Apparently this happened a while ago, in the "close season period." That doesn't give a lot of detail as to when, so I'm just going to assume this means "on duty with the French national team." This is obviously bad because an unfit Hugo means a Hugo that probably won't play much in preseason and might not even be ready by Spurs' first match at Old Trafford if there are rehab setbacks.

But there's a silver lining to this cloud: by virtue of having a broken wrist, Hugo Lloris probably wouldn't pass a medical. Which means his prospects of joining Manchester United to replace David De Gea just went down precipitously. At least that's what we hope. It would explain why the rumors of Hugo traipsing off to Manchester have suddenly gotten very, very quiet lately.

I'm not saying that Daniel Levy met with Chirpy in the alley behind White Hart Lane and instructed him to purposefully break Hugo Lloris' wrist and make it look like it was an "accident" in order to keep him around for another season. I'm just asking questions.