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Tottenham 2015 away kit leaked, available for purchase in USA

Looks like those blurry photos were correct!

Back in May we posted a blurry photo of what could have been Tottenham's away kit for 2015-16. Now, it appears as though it's not only been confirmed as the new kit, but it's now available for sale at a Massachusetts retailer.

The kit obviously hasn't been formally announced yet, but it does make sense that this would be the kit. The variegated stripes are essentially the much-beloved sash, turned on its side, and zoomed in. The sponsor logo is white, which is nice since a red logo would look like ass on a light and dark blue kit. All in all, I don't hate it, though I probably wouldn't buy one.

We're still waiting for official confirmation from the club, but where there's smoke, etc. etc. It would not shock me if this is the kit that Spurs wear when they take on the MLS All-Stars on July 29 in Denver. MLS has already released the kit for the All-Star team, and it's white. This means that Spurs won't be wearing the home sash kit, but instead either the away or the third kit, which is rumored to be purple.

And if anyone can figure out what store in Foxboro this is from the picture, post it in the comments, then go buy your friendly neighborhood blog manager one.