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Real Madrid sign Spanish keeper, what does this mean for Hugo Lloris?

Real Madrid have bagged a keeper, so what's next for Hugo?

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Good news today, Spurs fans! Real Madrid have officially signed Spanish goalkeeper Kiko Casilla from Espanyol. That means after the departure of Iker Casillas, Real now once again have two first team goalkeepers on their books--Casilla and Keylor Navas. It appears that they have resigned themselves to the idea that David de Gea will see out the last year of his contract at Manchester United before joining them on a free next summer.

With Madrid no longer pursuing United's goalkeeper, we can probably sleep easy that Hugo Lloris will stay with us at least one more season. PSG brought in Kevin Trapp from Frankfurt to replace Salvatore Sirigu as their number one. Although rumors that Sirigu may be unhappy and forcing a way out of the club, it still seems unlikely that PSG would try to add Lloris instead of just signing a new backup keeper. With PSG, Real, and United no longer needing a keeper this summer, it's hard to see a destination for Hugo.

The flip side of this means that De Gea is almost certainly going to Spain next summer once his contract winds down. He has yet to sign a new deal with United, and if Madrid still want him next year it's hard to see him resisting the temptation to head there for free where a fat contract will be waiting for him. Once De Gea finally jets off to Madrid, Manchester United will turn up their keeper search to 11. There's no reason to expect that Hugo Lloris won't once again be their prime target.

So rejoice today, as dear Hugo should remain for the rest of the season. But don't get too comfortable, next July will be here again before you know it.