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Spurs unlikely to make a move for England youth international

Don't believe everything you read. Or do, but don't say we didn't warn you.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

The Tottenham rumor mill was all a-twitter this weekend with reports that Spurs might be interested in moving for West Bromwich Albion forward Saido Berahino. However, the Birmingham Mail has put the kibosh on this particular rumor, instead hypothesizing that West Brom is planning to offer the England U21 international an improved contract.

Spurs have been linked with Berahino for about a year now, after his emergence onto the Premier League stage at the beginning of last season. There were rumors of Spurs bidding for him last January that never materialized, and Berahino's value to West Brom has never been higher. The report claims that it would take a bid northwards of £15m to get West Brom to even consider parting with their star player. That feels about right if you include the Young England International surcharge. The Mail doubts that Spurs would go there, and I'd probably have to agree.

Berahino is a solid young player and he'd fit in quite well in Spurs' squad. He's already familiar with playing beside Harry Kane as the two are England U21 internationals, though under Pochettino it's more likely that he'd be Kane's rotation-slash-backup, which is probably not what he'd have in mind if he leaves Albion, where he's the man.

Based on the reported price and that Albion doesn't seem to be very concerned about a possible bid, I'd expect that Tottenham are likely looking elsewhere.