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Should Spurs take a flyer on Alexandre Pato?

After a couple of years in Brazil, Pato is healthy and ready to resurrect his career in a larger league. He wants to come to England. Why not make a bid?

Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

Alexandre Pato has made it known that he's ready for a move back to the big leagues, and he's interested in coming to England. The former Milan star, currently playing in Brazil, has made it known that he wants to play top flight competitive football in England, and he's been offered to a number of "mid-level clubs" in the Premier League.

Pato is looking for a club. Tottenham are looking for a striker. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

If it feels like Pato has been around since forever, it's because he has. He exploded onto the world football scene when he was still a teenager, signing a a multi-million pound deal with Milan in 1997 2007 at age 17. He was supposed to be the next superstar to emerge from Brazil, and he was outstanding in his first few years with the Rossoneri. However, injuries soon took their toll, to the point where it was rare to see Pato play more than two games in a row for Milan, and he suffered through long stretches where he just wasn't healthy enough to play. He was sold to Brazilian club Corinthians in 2014.

There were rumors that Milan had mistreated him, and since he was sold to Brazilian club Corinthians his injuries have been significantly fewer and less severe. Now, with his body rehabilitated and coming off of a loan to Sao Paolo, Pato apparently feels like he's ready to take another step forward in rehabilitating his career. The Mail doesn't list a transfer fee for Pato, but Transfermarkt lists him as worth €11m.

With Emmanuel Adebayor likely either on his way out the door or marginalized to the fringes of the team, it's a well-known fact that Tottenham need additional firepower on the front line. Pato may not have lived up to his world-beating potential, but he's still a very dynamic striker who knows where the goal is. Taking a flyer on a player with his injury record is a huge gamble, but one that could pay off dramatically. It's high risk, but potentially very high reward.

The Mail states Pato wants to play in "one of the big cities" (i.e. London or Manchester). Let's be clear: there is nothing in the Mail article (or anywhere else) that states that Tottenham are interested in Alexandre Pato. This isn't a news story, this is a "wouldn't-this-be-cool-if" story, but Pato ticks all the boxes for the kind of players Spurs are interested in: young(ish), underrated, motivated, and undeniably talented. He's not starting ahead of Harry Kane, but he could be a solid rotation option and a starter in Europa and the cups. And the best thing? He's still only 25.

By stating his desire to play in England it's obvious that Pato wants to prove that he's still relevant on the world footballing stage. Tottenham could be a perfect place for him to resurrect his career. And if he allows Kane get a rest and helps push Spurs into the top four, so much the better. A bid of £7.5m doesn't seem like too much for a flawed former prodigy, does it?