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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links July 21, 2015

News and links for your Tuesday.

Filip Lesniak in action during a Spurs XI friendly vs. Peterborough
Filip Lesniak in action during a Spurs XI friendly vs. Peterborough
Michael Regan/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday Spursland! So the midfield is now kind of super bare, we no longer have the cover of our guys who didn't fit in.  Any time now Levy, any time. I get that faith like late '90s Limp Bizkit.  (I am so sorry about that joke, it's been such a long night.)

And now the "news"

A Possible MLS XI That Could face Spurs-Sky Sports

This is either a squad done by someone who doesn't watch ANY MLS or it was done by someone who knows exactly what big star f***ers MLS is.

The Chicharito Links Will Not Die-Express

Probably because though zombies and the undead are real, that proves this rumor.  Van Helsing is not a real thing so we are doomed to have this until this dude retires.

Unfunny, British Comedian Trolls Sepp Blatter Pretty Well-SB Nation Soccer

How do you know he isn't really that funny? He is British and you just go with the odds (I will ban the first person to say but Jimmy Carr").

Hovering Dempsey Is Your New Favorite Meme-SB Nation Soccer

Penny for the guy who gets me a hovering Elaine meme.

United Bid 100 Million Euros For Muller Says Report-Bavarian Football Works

LOL United can't even buy championships like Chelsea. Sorry, I am all "funny-ed" out. Full day at work then 3 hours in the car and two sets tonight. Fam, I be grinding.