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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links july 22, 2015

It's Wednesday! Here are your links.

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday Spursland! Hey wasn't that a fun little Hoddle we had yesterday? Didn't we learn a lot about each other and discover new things to like?  I assume you all did because someone on the masthead messaged me after arguing with me (on the side of a fair number of you) that he really liked some of the guys I suggested.  So there we go, learning, growing together.  What a delightful bit of distraction from the summer doldrums when the season is so very very far awa...mother of God it's only 18 days away!

Hey has anyone noticed that now departed Stambouli looks a lot like gross Adam on Girls?

And now the "news"

Kane Confident He Can Repeat Barnstormer Of The Year-ESPN FC

Well if you ask the National Weather Service this early part of Hurricane season has been unusually quiet, as if it was being saved up for the late summer and fall.

That's a terrible weather joke.

Kaka beats Keane To MLS Armband Against Spurs-Sky Sports

Man I bet he just blew in his pants he was so excited by that news.

Why Are Milan Obsessed With Zlatan?-SB Nation Soccer

OK this is clearly some sort of Illuminati code because clearly, CLEARLY when they say Milan what they really mean is SB Nation writer Ryan Rosenblatt.

The USMNT Isn't Getting Any Better, But Don't Worry-SB Nation Soccer

Why would I not worry?  If your doctor tells you "Hey it looks like you have diabetes, but don't worry" you bet your ass you are going to worry about it while you pour yourself a nerve settling glass of Kool-Aid.

American Football Kicker Back Heel Flips Then Drills Field Goal-SB Nation Soccer

Yes British friends, American football season is coming. Get ready for insufferable throw-ball talk in the Hoddle threads.