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Thursday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links July 23, 2015

It's Thursday. How about a hot steaming cup of football links?

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Happy Thursday Spursland! Oh man guys what a weird day yesterday was.  See I ate this weird burger that had mushrooms on them and clearly some teenage kitchen worker in an attempt to prove to the rest of the cooks how edgy he is replaced the regular mushrooms with magic mushrooms.  I say this because me tripping off my gourd is the only logical reason why I peeked in on this site yesterday after noon and saw the headline that Eric Deir was playing central defensive mid.  Isn't this guy our future at CB? If we didn't go after someone big for our midfield because Poche saw this kid running around a bit and convinced himself he had a great idea I will shave that helmet of hair of Poche's big giant square head myself.

And now the "news"

Harry Sends VDV A Touching Tweet-The Internet


Davies And Walker Play The MLS Challenge

A video where Kyle Walker talks about getting "banter" going.  I know several members of the masthead will be in their bunks for a bit.

Liverpool Sign Benteke-Liverpool Offside

Anyone starting to agree with the point I made awhile back that Spurs are being completely overshadowed and outpaced in the arms race?  And before any of you rubes go and compare this arms race to the one in the cold war and say it is largely symbolic that cold war arms race never led to any conflict, this soccer arms race will ABSOLUTELY end in a conflict we call the season.

Should Jurgen be Fired?-Stars And Stripes FC

No, he hasn't criminally under preformed, but he has hit his peak and he is making mistakes.  Looks like half of the guys on this team are not long for top level football and we got a TON of young guys about to break thruogh.  Jurgen should move on to his next project with his head held high and on his own terms. Then the Fed can hire someone to be the guy to bring the youth along and shape a team for his or her self.

Cristiano Is Already Complaining About Rafa-SB Nation Soccer

Ronaldo is bitching about his manager? Well you don't say.  Did the sun rise in the east and set in the west? Did the Eagles call something their last and final tour only to reform and go on the road again three years later?  Did I eat Chipotle then ruin my shorts within the next hour? [Editor's note: flag. Chipotle rocks.]