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Tottenham Hotspur's third kit leaks on Twitter, and it isn't purple

The internet has apparently gotten ahold of Spurs' third kit for next season. It isn't purple.

GUYS GUYS GUYS. Today, a random tweet emerged from the wild that showed what is purported to be Tottenham Hotspur's third kit for 2015-16. Many fans saw Tottenham's training gear (as well as a leaked earlier kit concept) and expected Spurs' third kit to be purple.


The coloring is weird on this tweet, and I'm also old which means my eyes are going. So while my eyesight might be slightly suspect, it looks to me as if that's a striped kit of two different shades of grey, with robin's egg blue trim and sponsor logo color.

It is not purple. It does, however, look real.

I mean, it's a perfectly fine kit. It's nice, even. Acceptable. Spurs probably won't wear it all that often but when they do they can probably guarantee that it won't clash with whatever colors their opposition might wear. In most normal years, I might even consider buying one. But try as it might to be a nice kit, it fails in one key regard: it will never, ever be purple.

We were promised purple, Tottenham Hotspur. You fail at purple. I want my purple kit.

Maybe it's fake.

/runs to my room to cry into my pillow