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West Brom confirms Spurs haven't bid on Berahino... yet

But but but... it hasn't been 48 hours yet!

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Everyone's expecting Tottenham Hotspur to make a bid on Saido Berahino. Well, everyone except West Bromwich Albion. There has been lots of digital ink spilled on the matter over the past few weeks, with many football insiders expecting Spurs to make a play for the young forward. Tuesday morning, West Brom tried to quell these rumors via its official Twitter page.

Isn't that a pretty defensive tweet? And it's probably factually accurate, too. Spurs probably haven't made a bid for Berahino yet, mostly because the last rumors said they'd make a bid "within 48 hours." It's barely been 24. And there's a lot of transfer window left

Remember, though: this is Silly Season. The collapse of the Vlad Chiriches to Fiorentina deal is evidence that things can progress, or fall apart, quickly when it comes to the transfer market. West Brom undoubtedly doesn't want to sell its best young player, so this tweet is probably an attempt to try and get ahead of the story and hand-wave it away. Nothing to see here, everyone, move along. But Berahino is very likely a Spurs target, and with clubs like Liverpool, the Manchesters, Chelsea, and Arsenal seemingly disinterested in Berahino, Spurs is the most likely, and possibly only, big target. If he doesn't come to Spurs, he'll probably extend his West Brom contract. So if Berahino wants to take a step up, this is the time.

Therefore, methinks you doth protest too much, West Brom Social Media Person.