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Wednesday Morning Hoddle of Coffee; Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for July 29, 2015

You might have heard already, but Spurs have a match today!

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Happy match day, Spursland! Yes, I know it's preseason but who cares? Actual football will actually be played tonight and it isn't behind closed doors where we have to trust short Vine videos or grainy shots off of a video camera that was made in 1997.

Everyone should be upset that Spurs don't get the chance to tear apart a Gerrard-Lampard midfield. Also, ex-Tottenham striker Robbie Keane is out of the match, which is disappointing to say the least. Regardless, whoever starts for the MLS won't matter because the boys in Lilywhite are going to thrash them, right? Right.

And now the "news"...

Tottenham's Mauricio Pochettino guarantees he will shake Pablo Mastroeni's hand -

Thank Pep Guardiola for this even being news. He wasn't really thrilled with MLS.

Kevin Wimmer beats some Twitch streamer at FIFA, 4-2. - Twitter

Castro1021 is a pretty popular Twitch personality who used Manchester United. Wimmer was unimpressed.

Miguel Herrera fired by Mexico after fight with journalist. - The Guardian


Seriously, though, this was insanely stupid by Herrera.

Clint Dempsey advocates change for MLS All-Star game to East vs West format -

I don't like the whole "winning conference gets home field" in baseball, but it might work for MLS.

Orlando City finalizing deal with former Real Madrid defender David Mateos - Orlando Sentinel

He might have been on contract with Real Madrid, but he never featured for the main squad.

Watch John Cena get his nose broken during the main event of Raw - Uproxx

Seth Rollins strategy:  →, ↓, + Fierce Kick