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Watford to make audacious double swoop for Spurs midfielders


Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single football blog in possession of a good transfer rumor, must be in want of a another one. Mere hours after a French report claimed Watford is ready to purchase Etienne Capoue for "around €9m," here comes the Daily Mail, saying that the Hornet-Moose are ready to make a £10m double swoop for both Capoue AND Benjamin Stambouli.


If the Mail is accurate (lol), it would be a pretty spectacular deal for Watford, who would pick up two French defensive midfielders for practically a song. Stambouli can play box-to-box, and the two might even start in the pivot together, which would create a very solid, if somewhat uncreative, central midfield pairing. It'd be great for the EPL's newest club, whom I rather like as a neutral, but it would be a very underwhelming sale for Tottenham.

I don't even know anymore. Capoue is a solid player but is rumored to be a bit of a s**t-head off the pitch, so that part I can believe. However, the idea of selling both Capoue and Stambouli, who had his uses last season and was criminally underutilized in Spurs' midfield, to the same club for £10m feels less like a Daniel Levy special and more like a fire sale. Levy got £10m for Paulinho, ferchrissakes, so that much for two pretty good defensive mids feels like #batcountry to me and I hope it's not true.

Silly Season, y'all.