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Tottenham chairman travels to Madrid to negotiate for Belgian defender

Levy comin'! *whistles Farmer in the Dell*

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

It looks like we may be near the end game in the negotiations for Toby Alderweireld. Belgian football journalist Kristoff Terreur has tweeted that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is in Madrid to negotiate in earnest for the Atletico Madrid central defender.

Terreur is solid when it comes to rumors, especially concerning Belgian footballers, so this is a pretty good source. The fact that Levy is flying out to Madrid personally to attend to this instead of Toby coming to London speaks to how serious Spurs are in obtaining Alderweirield.

Now that Atletico Madrid has dissolved the loan agreement they had with Southampton, the way is clear for Spurs to make a bid for Toby. Alderweireld has hinted that he would prefer to come to Spurs over Southampton, and his signing would almost certainly mean that Spurs are finished upgrading their back line ahead of the new season.

We'll keep you abreast of further updates as they happen.