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Tottenham Hotspur to submit proposal to increase new stadium capacity

Minutes from the latest Haringey Council meeting show an intention to push the capacity of Spurs' new stadium above the current 56k.

Recently-released Haringey Council documents have indicated that Tottenham Hotspur is hoping to expand the maximum seating capacity of its new stadium before construction begins in earnest. The minutes from the latest Council meeting list a litany of minor to moderate changes to the original proposal that was previously approved by the Council.

Among the highlighted changes is a proposal to increase the stadium's capacity beyond the 56,000 seats that it is currently zoned for. From the document:

Revised planning and listed building consent applications to include increased stadium capacity, more residential units as part of the southern development and the inclusion of a hotel.

It has been hinted in the past that Spurs may want to slightly increase the capacity of the new stadium to make it closer to its London rivals. The Emirates has a capacity of just over 60k, while the latest proposal to expand Stamford Bridge would put it at around 60k as well. In London, only Wembley and the Olympic Stadium, West Ham's new home, will have larger capacities. The documents don't state the size of the proposed increase, but its rivals' capacity and rumors swirling around about Tottenham being the possible home of a future London NFL franchise suggest that 60k is probably close to the magic number.

This is not the first time that Spurs have modified their original proposal; earlier changes added a basement parking garage to the existing structure. Nor are changes to a project of this magnitude unexpected or uncommon. Ironically, retroactive changes of this magnitude were one of the arguments used in Archway Sheet Metal's unsuccessful lawsuit to try and prevent the club from purchasing their land.

In addition to the stadium increase, other proposes are targeted more towards the redevelopment of the surrounding area: there is a proposal to add a hotel close to the stadium as well as various new and modified flats, business, and retail buildings.

The changes have not been approved by the council and may not be for a while yet; the document states that Spurs are set to have a meeting with a "pre app[lication] committee" on July 23. Construction on the foundations of the new stadium have already begun; today the Mirror posted a photo slideshow from the area surrounding White Hart Lane.