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Footballer at heart of legal scuffle has medical ahead of Tottenham transfer

Reports in England say that Toby Alderweireld has completed a medical ahead of finalizing his transfer to White Hart Lane.

David Rogers/Getty Images

The stories about Toby Alderweireld aren't going away, but even though the player is a hotly contested commodity between three clubs, at the moment it appears as though his transfer to Tottenham Hotspur is going to continue as planned. Writing for Sky, Spurs beat writer Lyall Thomas says that Alderweireld has completed a medical at White Hart Lane and that Spurs are "on the verge" of signing him, despite Southampton threatening legal action against Atletico Madrid to try and block the transfer.

The medical thing is kind of important, as there has been some question in the Spurs journalism world as to when the medical would take place and even if it would happen. Last evening, Belgian journalist Sven Claes denied a medical was in the works:

As of this morning, however, Standard journo Simon Johnson claimed one had already been completed.

The Standard has been very on top of Tottenham transfers this window, and is solid when it comes to London football. If a medical did indeed happen, then all that's really left is for Toby to sign the paperwork.

So set up that Twitter alert on @spursofficial, everyone, and ready the celebration .gifs. Tottenham appears to be on the brink of another signing.

UPDATE: Kristof Terreur, who has been on top of this story all along, says that Alderweireld is in Enfeld today to make his signing official. Now we're just waiting on an announcement from the club.