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New Tottenham stadium to seat 61,000 fans with largest single-tier stand in England

Tottenham Hotspur released a slew of details about its new stadium opening in 2018, and it's GLORIOUS.

On the heels of Tottenham Hotspur's announcement that they have entered into a new partnership with the National Football League, Spurs also released exciting new conceptual images and information about their new stadium, which is scheduled to open in the summer of 2018.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy, speaking on behalf of the club, had this to say in Tottenham's release on their website:

We are all excited to be taking the project to the next stage. Our commitment is to find the best solution for the Club, our supporters and our community. It will be our new home for many years to come and we want it to be exceptional in every aspect.

Details about the new stadium has come more recently in bits and pieces, and usually gleaned from publicly-accessible documents and Haringey Council minutes. This is the first time in more than a year that the club has released this level of detail surrounding the new stadium. It comes months after the highly-contentious CPO battle with Archway Sheet Metal ended and Spurs obtained the final parcel of land needed to begin stadium construction in earnest.

Of particular interest is an increase of the maximum seating capacity from 56k to 61k, which is around 500 seats larger than Arsenal's The Emirates, and would make it the third largest stadium in London behind Wembley Stadium and the Olympic Stadium. The new stadium will also have a highly-anticipated "kop-style" single-tier stand of 17,000 seats, similar to the iconic stand in Borussia Dortmund's Westfalenstadion. While it will be seated and not standing-room only, this stand will be the largest single-tier stand of any stadium in the United Kingdom and will bring fans very close to the pitch compared to other stadiums in the area.


Tottenham Hotspur refers to the entire project as a "scheme," as the entire Northumberland Development Project includes a wealth of other development of which the stadium is only a part. In addition, new features in the stadium and surrounding areas include a "sky-walk" on the top of the stadium with views of North London, the aforementioned retractable ground that will allow Spurs to host NFL games and other sporting events, a visitor's center and new terrace to highlight "The Tottenham Experience," a new White Hart Lane tube station for public transportation, new affordable housing facilities, and a community health clinic.

Images and further details about the stadium are available on a new microsite at