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Tottenham closing in on signing young forward, just €2m separates the clubs

This is starting to move out of the realm of rumor and into the realm of "probably going to happen."

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Olympique Lyonnaise wide forward Clinton N'Jie could end up being a Tottenham Hotspur player very soon. A short report from L'Equipe indicates that Spurs are pushing hard to negotiate a deal with the 21-year old Cameroonian forward, and that negotiations are ongoing.

According to L'Equipe, Lyon are holding out for a bid of €15m (£10.6m), but Spurs' last bid was €13m plus €3m in bonuses. Assuming you believe in the accuracy of this report, and it being L'Equipe there's probably not too much reason to doubt it, this is an extremely strong indicator that Spurs are going to sign this guy. €13m + €3m vs. €15m up front is just horse-trading. It'd be a pretty ridiculous hill to die on, at any rate.

Sky journalist Lyall Thomas, who has been pretty accurate on his Spurs transfer rumor reports this offseason, also suggests a deal is in the works for N'Jie

We've been tracking this rumor since it first emerged from the wilds of bat country as an unsourced rumor from a private Twitter account, but us potentially being wrong about its veracity doesn't mean it's any less exciting a prospect. Clinton N'Jie is an excellent young forward with impressive numbers as illustrated by our own Michael Caley.

In the preseason matches and the one league matches we've been able to watch thus far it's already clear that Spurs do need an influx of attacking talent if they're going to compete on multiple fronts this season. The addition of N'Jie (and, additionally, the continued rumors about Saido Berahino) would go a long way in that regard.

An additional €2m is nothing to a club of Tottenham Hotspur's stature, especially if it nets us a new young attacking talent. Let's get it done.