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Lyon forward could complete a Tottenham medical Wednesday in London

This is as of yet unconfirmed and slightly dubious, but it's moving fast.

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Kaz Photography/Getty Images

It looks like there might have been a breakthrough in the Clinton N'Jie transfer saga. Reports are coming out that an agreement has been reached between Tottenham Hotspur and Lyon for the transfer of N'Jie to White Hart Lane, and one report even goes so far as to claim that N'Jie is due in London for a medical on Wendesday.

For those who don't speak or read French, the gist is that Spurs have apparently agreed to a €14m fee for the Cameroonian forward, plus an additional €3m in add-ons. That's just under £10m, rising up to £12m.

So who's Raymond Jacquet? No idea. He appears to be just Some Guy™ with advance knowledge of tomorrow's L'Equipe paper, and we also at this point can't find any confirmation of his N'Jie claims on L'Equipe's website. Which is why you should still be a little dubious about this story at present: while there's an awful lot of smoke surrounding this story and has been for a while, this is still firmly in the realm of internet rumor.

That said, everything here is completely and utterly plausible. Spurs have been linked to N'Jie for the past several weeks, with numerous reports that Daniel Levy and Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas were locked in final negotiations for his transfer. The last report had Lyon rejecting a €13 + €3m bid, so this would be consistent.

It's late in the USA as we post this and even later in France, so one suspects that the details of this story may come into further focus by morning, or sometime Wednesday. If these reports are to be believed, and right now it seems more likely than not, Clinton N'Jie might be announced as a Tottenham Hotspur player before the end of the week.

UPDATE: Matt Law is now reporting essentially the same thing in today's Telegraph. There's our more solid source.