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Oops! Spurs star accidentally confirms teammate's departure in deleted tweet


Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Whoops. It looks like Erik Lamela has spilled the beans regarding Roberto Soldado's future at Tottenham Hotspur. The Argentine winger tweeted a farewell to Soldado on his official Twitter account... which was then swiftly deleted. Unfortunately, when you're a professional footballer, that doesn't really mean anything, and screenshots of the tweet swiftly spread.

A second tweet also surfaced yesterday with Soldado posing with a fan at Gatwick airport, which led to allegations that the striker was on his way to (or returning from?) Spain. Soldado is reportedly in the final stages of negotiating a deal that would return him to La Liga with Villarreal.

The links between Roberto Soldado and Villarreal have been simmering for a while, but Mauricio Pochettino seemingly quashed those rumors when he said that Soldado was "in [Tottenham's] plans" in the lead-up to last weekend's league match against Manchester United. Both of these tweets would indicate otherwise, so perhaps Pochettino was merely trying to save his striker from some scrutiny while the transfer negotiations were ongoing.

At any rate, this is the clearest indication yet that our former record signing, once considered to be the great goal-scoring hope for Tottenham Hotspur, is on his way out of the club.