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Introducing the Adebayor Cup

FA Cup? League Cup? Dixie Cup? Boring. This right here is the BEST CUP OF ALL TIIIIIIIIME.

What is it about Aston Villa? Well, there's nothing. Not really. They're like Tottenham's little brother in the Midlands. Usually not in competition for European places, sometimes meh, sometimes crap, Aston Villa is usually just... there.

But then they started collecting all of Tottenham's detritus and began feeling like they should, IDK, actually achieve something. First they actually bought Alan Hutton from us (with real money!).  Then they went out and hired Tim Sherwood. We tried to dissuade them. Last winter, as the Sherwood to Villa rumors hotted up, 7500 to Holte manager Robert Lintott asked me for my full, unvarnished opinion about Sherwood and his fit at Villa. Here's what I said:

"If you are an insane person who doesn't understand football, uses the word YOLO in everyday conversation, and appreciates heart, grit, and effort, then Tim is the manager for you. But you're probably not that person, so look elsewhere."

Apparently they didn't take well to that advice.

So now we have a rivalry, of sorts. I say "of sorts" because while Tim Sherwood was enough, what really would've sealed the deal is if Emmanuel Adebayor had actually completed his transfer to Villa this summer. Robert and I, we had big plans about this, and then Ade went and screwed it all up by refusing to actually move house to the Midlands. But fret not: we're going to do it anyway! Take that, Ade!

So with that in mind, I am proud to introduce you to The Adebayor Cup!

Adebayor Cup 1

What is the Adebayor Cup?

The Adebayor Cup is the newest England bloggish derby. Made possible by the protracted transfer of Emmanuel Adebayor from Tottenham Hotspur to Aston Villa, this totally legitimate thing that we totally didn't just make up is a competition between SBN's Cartilage Free Captain, the blog representing Adebayor's old team, and 7500 to Holte, the blog representing Adebayor's destination club.

See, there's a lot of connection between the two clubs. Tottenham's former manager Tim Sherwood is now the manager at Villa. Villa's starting right back, Alan Hutton, spent several years stinking up the right side of the pitch at White Hart Lane. And Spurs were, apparently, briefly in the running for Fabian Delph this summer before he f**ked off to City where he'll sit the bench for all of eternity.

Hold it, I thought that deal fell through.

We don't care. We're doing it anyway. If we let something like "facts" stop us, we wouldn't be blogs, now would we?

Who is participating in the Adebayor Cup?

This is a competition-slash-friendly-wager between the blog managers of Cartilage Free Captain and 7500 to Holte: Dustin Menno and Robert Lintott.

[Robert's note: Heretofore known as "The Loser" and "The Winner," respectively]
[Dustin's note: Whatever. Be sure to write your praise lyrics in iambic pentameter, because Harry Hotspur.]

Oh, so is it just the blogs, or are the teams aware of this?

It's just the blogs. We think. Haha, just kidding. This is definitely official and signed off on by the clubs. They've agreed that the winning blog will actually get Adebayor as a permanent member of their writing staff.

What happens if Adebayor gets sold to the Estonian fourth division?

*cracks open champagne*


When will the Adebayor Cup happen?

A more appropriate question would be, "When won't the Adebayor Cup happen?" This will continue for the entire season, from a few days ago until the final dying moments of the 2015-16 Premier League season. If necessary, we'll take this into the FA Cup final.

And then, should we find that this is 1) enjoyable and 2) conducive to #banter, we will start anew. Think of this as being like the League Cup, in that it is annual, but more prestigious, in that it is not the League Cup.

What are the stakes of the Adebayor Cup?

The aforementioned inclusion of Emmanuel Adebayor as a member of the winning blog's writing staff is the obvious prize here. Aside from that, we will follow these terms:

Adebayor Cup terms

Boy, Chelsea sure do suck, don't they?

GOD. They sure do.

Is the Adebayor Cup sponsored?

The Adebayor Cup is sponsored, nurtured, and enhanced by the bitter, delicious tears of Aston Villa football supporters.


How can I stream the Adebayor Cup on my computer/tablet/phone/carpet?

[REDACTED, posting of illegal streaming services is not allowed by SB Nation]

Wanna read Aston Villa's side? Check out the Ade Cup introductory post over at 7500 to Holte.