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LEAKED: Ryan Mason and Ben Davies to star in True Detective Season Three

You're welcome, HBO.

On a cold and dreary morning in North London about half past seven, Inspector Mason is startled awake by a loud knock at the door. He slowly rolls out of bed and stumbles around the room trying to wake up. As he reluctantly turns the knob he knows who's at the other side.

Inspector Davies is a straight-edge, no nonsense policeman. Unlike Mason, he's been awake for hours. There's a killer on the loose, who could sleep at a time like this?

As the two begin their day of crime-fighting, one can't help but wonder how these polar opposites have become the best case solvers Britain has ever seen. You see, Mason grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and has been a loose cannon his entire life. The bosses try to keep him in line, but no human being on earth can complete that task.

On the other hand, Davies plays by all the rules. He invented the damn rule book. This mismatched partnership seemed doomed from Day One, but they've overcome all the odds and taken down some of the most ruthless criminals in the nation.


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