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Lyon President confirms another English club in for N'jie

We were so close!

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Speaking with RTL France this evening, Olympique Lyonnais president Jean-Michel Aulas told host Thibault Geffrotin that the long-rumored transfer of Clinton N'jie to Tottenham Hotspur is not yet complete and has been further complicated by the emergence of another club bidding for the player.

In some English language sources, the Aulas quote is being reported as being a "bigger" English club, however, Geffrotin appears to be reporting the quote as "autre club anglais huppé," which essentially means another rich English club, not necessarily a bigger club. In theory, many of the clubs in England's top-flight could be considered rich when compared to the teams in France, so it's hard to determine who the mystery club might be.

I attempted to go back and look through transfer rumors relating to N'jie, but he's been strongly linked to Tottenham for quite a while now. As a young French attacker, I'd imagine he's been linked to Newcastle and Arsenal in the past, but I certainly don't recall any links strong enough to indicate that another club would be bidding for him.

Everything seemed to be done with N'jie prior to Aulas' statement. It was believed that Tottenham and chairman Daniel Levy had ponied up Lyon's asking price and all that needed to happen was for the transfer to be confirmed by the club. Instead, it appears that Tottenham could get pipped at the last minute. Everyone brace yourselves, we could be heading for a Willian-esque situation here.

UPDATE: Yahoo Sports in France has the text from the interview. The exact quote is as follows:

"Les choses ne sont pas faites, s’il part à Tottenham, ce sera à des conditions extrêmement élevées pour nous. Il y a une autre formation très huppée qui est venue compliquer les choses",

Basically, Aulas says that things aren't done and that Lyon has very extreme requirements to allow N'jie to leave. There has also been the a bid from a very rich/famous/posh (depending on your translation) club, which has complicated things. This quote does not say that the bidding club is English though, so I'm not sure where that came from in the tweet linked above. This is all very strange.