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Monday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: August 17, 2015

We're all Salmon Chase (fill ins).

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Happy Monday, Spursland! As I fill in for my internet bestie, Sam Chase, I realize that I have a platform to say something so I'm going to say it. There was a disappointing turn to the match on Saturday, but I'm disgusted with our home support booing at the final whistle. It's not a justified reaction, nor a supporter's right; it's bull****. Watching Spurs crap the bed is not fun, I get it, but if we're only entertained by 5-0 drubbings, let us play FIFA on easy.

There are very few things I will not debate, and booing of the club is one of them. Be pissed, rake a player over the coals on a podcast, bemoan the performance at the pub: all fine by me. Just don't boo. And if the argument is that I wasn't there, get a better argument. I've gone to plenty of sporting events, watched crap teams, and managed to never partake in loudly slagging off my own team. Negativity is contagious and an easy default; let's be better than that.

And now the "news":

Tottenham supporters turning on Erik Lamela interpreted as a chance to go in two footed by the Mirror--Mirror

Lamela was garbage, and has been on and off when not injured, but the narrative pushing about our place in the table and transfer business after two games is rich. Literate chimps would be embarrassed by the lack of thought put into this article.

Mauricio Pochetinno's job is on the line, and he is calm about the striker situation--BT Sport

Maybe, perhaps, everyone else should be, too.

Poche admits new additions are needed--Telegraph


Chelsea done in by Sergio Aguero and his sizzling form--SB Nation Soccer

Kun is one of my favorites in the Prem, and he shook MASSIVE FLOPS Chelsea to their core. Sorry, I just channeled my inner Mirror there. Won't happen again. The article also mentions one London team beating another, but I couldn't be a**** to care.

Matt Barnes doesn't always lie, but when he does, he lies about dating Rihanna--SB Nation Lookit

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