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Poor sub performances spoil good showing from starters: Tottenham Hotspur vs. Stoke City community player ratings

It wasn't all bad, right?

Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Minutes played90
Hugo conceded two goals and still wound up as the community's man of the match. The French goalkeeper was in pretty good form and there was not much more he could have done for either goal. The fact the Diouf didn't have a hat trick was mostly down to Lloris' excellent reactions.

One thing I will say that I found worrying about Lloris' performance was his distribution. The numbers aren't too bad, about 60%, but some of the errors and errant passes (or passes that immediately put his teammates under pressure) need to be ironed out. I'm willing to chalk this up to Lloris not having much of a preseason though, so hopefully things get worked out going forward.

2. ERIC DIER - MC 7.1
Minutes played90
I'm slowly coming around on this Eric Dier as a defensive midfielder thing. Dier is slowly looking more assured in the middle of the park. His goal probably had a lot to do with his high rating, but I've been very impressed with his positioning so far. His more defensive nature really helped free up Ryan Mason and lead to one of the better performances we've seen from Mason in quite some time.

My favorite thing about Dier, however, is his willingness to play the quickest, simplest pass. He knows he's not a midfield creator, so he just keeps his head up, plays what's in front of him and gives the ball to the more creative players and better passers. If Dier is going to sit deep, break up play and not make dumb turnovers when in possession, then I am more than happy to keep running him out there.

3. HARRY KANE - ST 7.1
Minutes played63
Shots/On Target1/1
Chipped Through BallsYes
No goal for Harry Kane in this short run-out, which may have ended due to a knock to his ankle or some tightness in his calf. Hopefully, it's nothing too serious. What we did see of Kane, however, was his increased proficiency as a creator. We know that he is more than capable of finishing off chances, but this match showed just how good he is at opening up opportunities for others.

I think Kane probably played 3 or 4 of those gorgeous little chipped through balls, only one really came to anything, but they were all very dangerous and a little more pace in the team around him or some better finishing would have provided Tottenham's number 10 with a couple assists. Kane is slowly transforming into our Totti and I couldn't be happier.

OTHERS: Walker (6.1), Alderweireld (5.6), Vertonghen (6.2)  Davies (6.3), Mason (6.8), Dembele (6.8), Eriksen (6.9), Chadli (6.5)

SUBS: Lamela (3.4) , Bentaleb (4.2)


Ratings Summary Week 2