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Expect Manchester United to bid for Harry Kane

United are desperate for an attacking signing

Dan Mullan/Getty Images

It's been a rough 24 hours for Manchester United. They've had grand ambitions of signing a top attacking player during this transfer window. They approached Bayern Munich for Thomas Muller with a reported £60m bid but were told no. Then on Wednesday they dropped their repeated interest in Barcelona's Pedro after being outbid by Chelsea.

In other words, they are on the outside looking in with only a few weeks left in the transfer window. What does this mean for Tottenham? Well, it means that United will undoubtedly start to get desperate. Desperation leads to bad business decisions.

Their interest in Harry Kane has been apparent since the end of last season. Expect them turn their attentions back to Kane with these most recent set of transfer failures. Spurs and Daniel Levy's resolve will be tested with an enticing offer or two, it's just inevitable when you have a player of Kane's quality.

The question is, can the club continue with their mindset of keeping the 22-year-old no matter what? As much as they are adamant about keeping him, there will always be a seed of doubt in our minds with the way recent history has played out.

With attacking options steadily dwindling, United coming after Kane seems logical. Perhaps they could turn to one of Spurs targets in Saido Berahino to fulfill their needs. If losing out on 'Little Bear' means keeping our main man, then that's a sacrifice we'd be fine with.