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Spurs make improved offer for Saido Berahino

Round two! Fight!

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Are you tired of this saga yet? If you are, I'm afraid I've got some bad news: This isn't going to die any time soon and is probably going right to the deadline.

You might have heard yesterday that we actually made an official bid for West Bromwich Albion striker Saido Berahino, and it was almost instantly rejected. It was followed up with comments from WBA saying that the striker wasn't for sale, but also an acknowledgement that in the world of clubs rich with stupid amounts of TV money, anything can happen. Excellent foreshadowing by WBA aside, Levy isn't done with this and is pushing forward.

The Evening Standard is reporting that Levy has lined up a second bid of £22m for Berahino. If you're surprised by this, you may want to get your head examined, because it was a matter of "when" and not "if" Spurs were going to bid again.

Standard Sport revealed last month that the England Under-21 international was top of Spurs' wish-list and they made an opening bid of £18m yesterday.

West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace has claimed the 22-year-old is not for sale, but that has not put off his counterpart Daniel Levy.

It is believed Berahino wants to take his career on to the next level and move to White Hart Lane.

The article isn't anything we weren't expecting. West Brom were never going to accept a lowball offer from Levy because that's how negotiations work. Considering the news coming out that WBA wants to take Federico Fazio off of our hands for £5m at the same time, the clubs aren't being shy about talking with one another.

With two weeks to go in the window, expect to hear a lot more about this deal. Spurs seem hellbent on getting Little Bear, and why wouldn't they? He can play out wide or spell Kane as a second striker and that's what the attack needs. If we factor in the Fazio deal that could get done, Spurs are essentially paying WBA £17m + Fazio to upgrade their attack.

Stay tuned. The saga isn't going to die any time soon.