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Spurs kicking the tires on Schweinsteiger heir apparent at Bayern

In the ongoing quest for centre defensive midfield help, the latest rumor has Tottenham inquiring about a rising star at Der Rekordmeister.

Martin Rose/Getty Images

Despite two mostly class outings from Eric Dier, no Spurs backer can feel particularly confident about the prospects for four months of him primarily at central midfield, and it's highly possible Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino fall into that camp as well.

On the same day that saw Spurs linked to possible interest in Southampton CDM Victor Wanyama, a report attributed to Kicker claims that Tottenham have interest in Bayern potential breakout midfielder, Sebastian Rode.

After a supernova breakout stint at Eintracht Frankfurt, Rode moved on a free to Bayern Munich where gaffer Pep Guardiola quickly made use of Rode in a fashion not unlike so many others in his stints in Munich and Barcelona before that -- like a Swiss army knife.

Playing as a box-to-box midfielder and even as an emergency right back, Rode's propensity to both get forward and create offensive opportunities alike while playing steadfast defense didn't go unnoticed by Bayern faithful. After the sale of aging club legend Bastian Schweinsteiger to Louis van Gaal and Manchester United, many earmarked Rode as a natural successor, especially given what he'd showcased in the previous season after Xabi Alonso turned back into a pumpkin.

Would Bayern move Rode, though? It feels a tad speculative, even given the signing of Juventus star Arturo Vidal. Bayern champion their depth, particularly following a season where a terrible run of injuries unraveled a would be treble run for the eventual Bundesliga champions.

If Tottenham can make a deal happen -- particularly at a price point that makes sense -- it'd be a coup. Though Rode's had some injuries in his young career -- he had his ACL replaced in 2009 and has a hyaline cartilage injury twice that kept him out four months each time -- the ability and makeup is more than there.

Rode was linked to a possible loan move the 25 year old had reservations about last season, so it's not impossible to conceive him potentially leaving Bayern. But with Wolfsburg thought to be on the verge of moving Kevin de Bruyne, Tottenham might be the only club expressing interest in the midfielder before long. And that's assuming Guardiola and CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge would be keen to sell him in the first place.