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Spurs "considering" a move for Real Madrid midfielder

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

With the transfer window coming to a close soon, the rumors are going to ramp up to a ridiculous level. Tottenham have several needs and will inevitably be linked to players. While we all have to be wary of false reports and crazy ITK people trying to break news, when respectable news outlets talk we have to listen.

According to The Guardian, Spurs are "considering" a move for Real Madrid's Asier Illarramendi.

Before we even discuss the merits of the rumor, we have to dissect what that even means. I "consider" things all the time. Am I going to have steak for dinner tonight? Do I want chicken? Or maybe Tacos! SO MANY CHOICES!

Considering possibilities is a natural human process. It's open to interpretation what exactly this means in the realm of transfer rumors. Is Illarramendi on a giant list of transfer targets? Is he THE target?

It's no secret that Spurs need a defensive midfielder. While Eric Dier is a talented footballer, he has so much to learn about playing the unfamiliar position.

The club has been linked to many midfield options such as Southampton's Victor Wanyama. They will undoubtedly be linked to many more until the window closes.

Illarramendi has been linked to Liverpool and Real Sociedad in the past and is on £50,000 wages. It's not a pie-in-the-sky type of rumor as he's a attainable target. The Guardian doesn't spew random rumors without some legitimate information behind them. However, due to the generality of the rumor without any concrete declaration of interest it's probably smart to take it with a few grains of salt.