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Lamela's father confirms there are negotiations with Inter Milan

Well look at that. This is actually a thing that may happen.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Late yesterday, our old friend Gianluca di Marzio had a report that stated that Inter Milan were looking to take Erik Lamela off of Tottenham's hands for the season with an option to buy at the end of the loan period. Di Marzio hasn't exactly been spot on with rumors as of late, but it appears this one holds water.

Italian outlet Gazzetta has an interview with Lamela's father, Jose, stating that negotiations are taking place that will send the Argentine winger back to Serie A to play for Inter. Plugging the interview into the Google machine comes up with two pretty solid quotes:

"I can confirm these rumors. We are talking with the Nerazzurri. The interest Erik is real." said Jose Lamela.

"We are waiting for news these days. On our side there is the availability to the Nerazzurri to start a negotiation."

It's seems crazy that this has exploded so quickly, and there is no information as to why. Multiple outlets are now running the interview, but nobody has been able to figure out why. We can all speculate as to why it's occurring, but the club record signing may not be in North London for much longer.

What these reports do not say is anything about the fee, which Di Marzio suggested yesterday was for 6m for this season with an option to buy of 14m after that. Once again, it needs to be said that he did not mention which form of currency these figures are in, so we will have to wait if these talks progress.

Coco may be on his way out, which brings up an entirely new set of questions regarding the attack for Tottenham focused around who would be the full-time right midfielder? Mousa Dembele has put in a few solid shifts in the early start of the season. Andros Townsend has reportedly been out with injury, though he's been linked to multiple clubs this window. DeAndre Yedlin is still hanging around, waiting to find out if he's going out on loan or will contribute to the squad this season as well.

For now, we're in a holding pattern. One week to go, everyone. Breathe.