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Community Hoddle of Coffee for Wednesday, August 26

All the injured Brazilian strikers are swimming in the water, fa-da-la-da-la-la

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, Spurs-land! Yep, it's another Community Hoddle of Coffee. School starts for a lot of people, which means not only that people are extra busy but there's now a layer of stress added on. For students, the stress comes in the form of new situations, classmates, and classes (especially if you're at a new school), and for teachers/administrators the stress comes in the form of the beginning of what is almost always a hugely busy time of the year.

At times like these, we need happy, uplifting music. Music that will make you smile. So here's my musical interlude for the start of school. It never fails to make me happy, or at least feel better.

It also means we're totally signing Pato.