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German media reports Son in London having Tottenham medical

This has graduated from a left-field rumor to an actual Thing™.

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Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

Reports from Sky Germany suggest that not only has Bayer Leverkusen forward Son Heung-Min emerged as a shock target for Tottenham Hotspur, but that he may also be in London right now having a medical.

Da ist heute einiges geboten in Leverkusen. Und das am Tag des schicksalhaften CL-Playoff-Rückspiels gegen Lazio Rom (ab 20:15 live auf Sky).Nach neuesten Informationen von SSNHDdeutet nun wohl doch alles auf einen Wechsel des Südkoreaners Heung-Min Son zu Tottenham Hotspur hin.

Der 23-Jährige soll sich bereits zum Medizincheck in London befinden. Als Ablösesumme sind 30 Millionen Euro im Gespräch. 2013 war Son für zehn Millionen vom HSV zur "Werkself" gekommen.

Our Cartilage Free Captain German translation service (also known as Earl of Shoop's wife) translated this excerpt as follows:

There's been a lot of offering going on today in Leverkusen and today of all days: the fateful CL-playoff 2nd game (of the pair) against Lazio Rome (starting at 20:15 live on Sky). According to the most recent reports from SSNHD it appears that a trade of South Korean, Heung-Min Son, to Tottenham Hotspur is likely (i.e., signs point to a trade).

The 23 year old is said to be currently undergoing a medical exam in London. The talk is of a transfer fee of 30 million Euros. In 2013 Son came to "Werkself" (the working 11?) from HSV for 10 million Euros.

So let's be a bit careful here. Bayer play a pivotal Champions League second-leg match against Lazio this afternoon, and previous reports had indicated that he was expected to be part of the match day squad. So we'll know pretty soon whether the reports of him having a medical have any legs. Normally we wouldn't expect Bayer to part with one of their better players before such a pivotal match, but hey. It's the transfer window.

UPDATE: Bayer has released their squad for today's match, and Son is NOT in the Bayer 18 to take on Lazio. If Soccerway isn't enough, here's the match page from UEFA. This is happening. Get ready, y'all.

More as the story develops.