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3 reasons Saido Berahino might have unfollowed West Brom on Twitter

Oh, he's up for the banter.

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

We've heard all the ITK. We've heard all the anonymously sourced rumors. The transfer request has been handed in. But up until today, when we got the biggest piece of evidence of all, we didn't know for sure if Saido Berahino would be leaving West Bromwich Albion. Today, we got confirmation that he'll be leaving.

I have independently verified that the above is true. Berahino has, indeed, unfollowed @WBAFCofficial, according to Cartilage Free Captain sources. With that, we speculate on why he might have done this, in order of likelihood.

1. He's trolling

Berahino is a 22-year-old #LAD, after all, and is almost certainly up for the #bantz.

2. He wants a transfer

If you were being forced to live in the West Midlands against your will and your boss was Tony Pulis, wouldn't you throw a fit too?

3. He's not over that time they wrongly accused him of burning toast

This is slander, and he should have sued them.

We'd never accuse you of burning toast, Saido.