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The Erik Lamela Experience Week 3: The ITK match report

Gaze into a future of poor grammar and exclusive information

A week is an awful long time to wait for Spurs. You spend days at work idly searching twitter for news on medicals, transfers, and training news, all so you can gain the slightest insight into what's going to happen this weekend. Well wonder no more.

Thanks to some DMs with our well placed connections, we have gathered some very important ITK on Erik Lamela's performance in this weekend's game against Everton. Take it or leave it, mate.

Who: The Rabbit
When: August 24
Where: Here

The Rabbit hears that a certain Argentine will almost certainly be walking out to the match with some underage accompaniment. He doesn't know this young child and his family has been telling tales out of school that he's very happy about it. When he's forced to hold hands with them,don't be surprised if he isn't smiling on his way out onto the pitch.

Who: Scamiel Levy
When: August 25
Where: Scrooge McDuck's Vault

Went fishing with my friend today who is an agent that will be at the game and I have a few tidbits to pass along. First of all, the club desperately wants Lamela to succeed up top. He has smart movement and really tries attacking with verve. Not sure if it's going to work out. I'm told that the club dissatisfied with the interceptions and the ball being taken off his feet. Club looking into other options. Looking down the bench they might be English and fast. However they feel it might still be too early and they want to give him a chance to sort it out. Stay tuned.

Responding to a question about the first half, Giovani the Outcast had this to say...

"As I said b4, a good half with 2 to three nice passes. cannot go into detail w/oexposing my source, but expect an assist."

Who: Scamiel Levy
When: August 25
Where: Scrooge McDuck's Vault

Hearing Winnie the Poch NOT happy with Argentine product. Sky high when it should be cutting grass.

Who: JonasSulk
When: August 27
Where: the universe

Expect Lamela to retain possession well once legal issues are sorted out.

Who: JonasSulk
When: August 28
Where: Earth

As I said earlier, expect Lamela to repeatedly concede possession in the second half.