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Twitter reacts to Spurs signing Son Heung-Min

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

When a major signing happens in football it's common practice to get the initial reaction and analysis from the experts who do that type of thing for a living. Sometimes the most genuine and honest reaction you will find is from social media. Twitter is particularly great for big moments such as players signings or departures.

Tottenham have completed the signing of Son Heung-Min from Bayer Leverkusen today. So naturally, we took to Twitter to see what the reaction to the signing looked like. Here are some of the best (and most disturbing) tweets we found:

Of course we start out with some puns

It was almost a great tweet. Finish it off in the comments and become a hero.


From puns to whatever the hell this is

Thanks for the nightmares, Twitter! Here's one for the practical (and thrifty) Spurs fan

The club even created an official hashtag for the signing. #HereComesTheSon

I think the question everyone has on their mind now is: Will the Son come out tomorrow? (I'll be here all week!)