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Nathan Oduwa is nutmegging people WITHOUT EVEN TOUCHING THE BALL

Rangers have themselves a gem, and we can't wait to get him back.

Genuinely, I can say I've never seen this before in my life. Nathan Oduwa has been embarrassing defenders constantly since showing up in Scotland, but this is next level. It's even better than the rainbow flick. Look at this! Unreal banter. Epic bantz. Bantered this lad off like Eric Bantona.

This dude RUNS OVER THE BALL. Oduwa leaves the ball there, doesn't touch it, and nutmegs this guy.

I say "this guy" because he doesn't deserve for us to tell you what his name is or what team he plays for. That man has a family, dang it, and his family does not deserve that shame. I ask you to spare them and not look up his name, and not post it in the comments. Have some humanity, for god's sake.

Also, he set this up with a long run down the flank.

Oduwa is a monster. Poor, poor Scottish Championship defenders.