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Harry Kane wants to play in the NFL

I mean, who wouldn't right?

Photo supplied by Tottenham Hotspur,
Photo supplied by Tottenham Hotspur,

It's not a secret that Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane is a big NFL fan. He named his two dogs Brady and Wilsonafter NFL quarerbacks Tom Brady and Russell Wilson, and is a part of at least one NFL fantasy football leaguealongside fellow Spurs players DeAndre Yedlin and Eric Dier. He's also admitted of being a huge fan of the New England Patriots... something that we can forgive him for because he's a 30-goal/season Tottenham striker.

So when asked about it, Harry Kane said (delightfully) that after he hangs up his boots as a professional footballer, he'd love to join an NFL team... as a kicker! He made his comments to The Sun which is still hilariously behind a paywall, but his quotes were also reported by Fox Sports.

"It depends on how my football career goes but, when I am finished, I would love to go the NFL and be a kicker. Even if I got to play just one game it is something I would like to do.

It's a long way off yet. But it is definitely something I have thought about.

We've had NFL teams come to Spurs and I can kick the ball as high and as far as them, but not on a consistent basis so I would need a bit of practice first."

The career of an NFL player is decidedly longer than that of your average professional footballer, so this certainly wouldn't be out of the question. Nor would it be the first time that a soccer player has attempted to make it in the NFL: former USA national team keeper Tony Meola was signed by the New York Jets as a kicker back in 1994 (he was cut in preseason after earning the nickname "Captain Hook"), and current Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee was once a soccer player who even played alongside Clint Dempsey.

Kane might even get his chance in London: Tottenham's new stadium will host NFL matches when it opens in 2018, and might even be the eventual home of a future London-based NFL franchise. He looks good in a helmet, too.