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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links for August 30, 2015

Tim Sherwood never disappoints.

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

Happy Monday Spursland!  Just skip down to the Tim Sherwood link, you don't really need to know anything else today but you need to see that.

And now the "news"

Wanyama Not Going Anywhere Says Southampton Boss-ESPN FC

Honestly stuck between paying for Wanyama and letting young kid and fantasy American football enthusiast Eric Dier continue to grow into the role of defensive midfield.

Poche Doesn't Want To Win Dirty-Telegraph

Well who does want to win dirty? Laundry detergent sales reps are probably the only people in favor of winning dirty.  Also me, I don't care if we win and don't play amazingly beautiful football, I am about the numbers, Tonto.

Trump Denies Interest In Purchasing The Pope's Favorite Team-SB Nation Soccer

But could Trump's non-interest hurt him in the poles with the critical football nerd/catholic voting block?  Somebody tweet James Carville and ask him, when that fails start posting on Breitbart's website (not because it's Republican or Democrat or anything that could be construed as negative, but because you'll be guaranteed to get someone giving you a  real response, them folks are serious) [Editor's note: no politics.]

Hey has anyone heard anything from TIm Sherwood recently?

Tim Sherwood Tears Hammy Kicking Water Bottle-Sports Illustrated

As if to build a monument to his own ridiculousness he actually said he was so pissed he went to kick a water bottle which he knew was the wrong way to react but he wanted to be polite about it. You, sir, are nuts.

Bale With A 40 Yard Screamer-SB Nation Soccer

Yeah I don't see Madrid giving this guy up even for the 100m Euros Manchester United are rumored to have bid. Which if it goes through would make me want to die.  I can't can't CAN'T deal with that.

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